Struggling with suicidal thoughts?

Understanding Suicide eBook

You Are Not Alone.

Suicide Is The Second Leading Cause Of Death for Young People Ages 15 -24.


By simply filling out the form you will have access to tools to help you understand the warning signs and risk factors of suicide, along with guidelines on how to help those experiencing suicidal thoughts. This Ebook also contains real audio stories and video from teens and young adults that reached out to TheHopeLineĀ® for help when they were in crisis.  


In this Ebook:


  • 40 page magazine-style ebook with colorful photos, real stories, audio and videos from teens and young adults struggling with suicide.
  • What to do if you are suicidal 
  • Teen suicide risk factors and warning signs
  • Truths and myths of suicide
  • The most common methods of suicide
  • How to help someone who is suicidal
  • Information for Survivors of Suicide Loss 


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